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NOTE: Movie Maker Masestro launches Jan 16 2014.


You'll get the following:

1. How to create your own Movie Maker backgrounds using DAZ Studio + panoramic stitching software

2. How to create your own Movie Maker backgrounds using Lightwave or Vue

3. Tricks for getting DS lighting to match your background package

4. Complete Movie Maker data file insights, know every single function and how to use it to your advantage

5. Master the camera nodes and design backgrounds that bring your animations to life

6. Little known Instant tricks for getting your own Movie Maker backgrounds and animations to look professional

7. Includes how to use new foreground-mask feature, how to create backgrounds with that feature in mind and how to use it for breathtaking animations (Feature available in the upcoming DS 4.6 version)

BONUS: How to make money with Movie Maker backgrounds, the untapped money making opportunity

...and more!

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