If You Want To Master The High End Features Of Lightwave, Such As Rigging, Fluids, Collisions, Fur, Flocking, Dynamic Hair And Clothing, Then The Following Step By Step Guide Will Rock Your Day...




Lightwave is an industry leading 3D application, used in many Hollywood blockbusters. I've been using it in a professional environment for over 15 years, since the early version 6, up to the current version 11.6. But how do you actually tap into the high end features of this software?

Maybe you've been using it mainly for its amazing 3D modeling capabilities, or doing basic renders, but want to start using the whole package more professionally?

Then "Lightwave Pro Mastery" is for you...

Inside, you'll find out:

- How to rig like a pro

- How to master fluids

- How to use collisions

- How to use flocking with multiple objects in animation

- How to add dynamic hair

- How to add dynamic clothes

- With pro 3D Lightwave modeler and animator, Jason White from 2Create

...and more!

NOTE: Lightwave Pro Mastery lanches May 14 2014. Modules will be delivered on an ongoing basis, until fully delivered. Usually, 1-3 modules per month.

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I stand for excellence when it comes to online training since 2006.

Therefore, if you buy Lightwave Pro Mastery and for ANY reason feel that it is not for you, you are welcome to take advantage of our 90-day 100% money-back guarantee.

The risk is all on me!

Don't pass up this incredible opportunity to take your Lightwave experience to the next level...

I'll see you on the other side!

Yours in a bright future,

Val Cameron - Dreamlight




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